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North WashingtonThe Grizzly Rose has what it takes to make me feel like Sam Elliott in Big Lebowski. It may not offer as much as Denver in an arena, but at least it's Lucky Joe's Sidewalk Saloon. The City wide Homegrown Punch Bowl has firmly seized the city of Denver with the opening of a new venue in downtown Denver. North Washington, the Grizzley Rose, has something I find a little too close to Grand Central Terminal for my comfort, so I would need it to be a little closer to my hometown.

If you get hungry, you should check out the joint next door, because Sputnik's serves food all day, every day of the week and all night. Jack Kerouac haunted Charlie Brown's keeps the piano player up until the early hours of the morning, and has a wide selection of beers and wines as well as great food. Brother's Bar is open until 2am, or better yet, hurls its delicious burgers until 1am. The old brewery in Denver is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a billiard ball knock - kick-off is at 2pm this weekend.

For years, the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center has acted as if it were one of the best public recreation centers in the state of Colorado. Groups can use the fitness room, track and pool at the fitness centre for an additional fee.

There will be a lot of delicious food that the city has to offer, from banana pudding in Springs to Orleans, but that's what you have to google for this place.

As part of the Denver-Aurora metropolitan area, Englewood has all the benefits of being close to Denver, but we see it in our analysis associated with Denver, and it holds a tie. In truth, Boulder won the first place, where we were separated by only two points from the rest of the top 10. Denver We know you beat Boulder at the top, we'd like to tell you that it happened for a reason, it only beat Denver by a hair. Sign up for our daily Denver email here and we promise you'll be the first to get food, drink and fun in town.

Baldoria is located near the Federal Center light rail and is closer to four Hilton hotels and a Marriott. The hotel offers free shuttle service to and from the center and is close to the shuttle bus to the Federal Center Light train station. Director Zandra Gillispie says the centre is easily accessible from Highway 58 and the West Light Rail from RTD is another transport option. Richards Hart Estate is a short drive from downtown Denver and one of the best hotels in Englewood. There is a recreation center and an open space for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, golfing and swimming.

The hotel is close to the Colorado School of Mines, which can accommodate groups of up to 2400 people, and the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Armed with a sundial with a canopy roof, there is perhaps no better place to watch the sunset over the Rocky Mountains in the subway station, and it sits atop a hill dominated by one of the most spectacular views in Colorado, Green Mountain Mountain Mountain. If you go on a night skiing trip to the top of a mountain or even a ski resort all year round, you must not miss it. But if it's on your group's wish list, you don't have to wait until the evening of skiing to do it!

The screen quickly fills with things to do there, from the simple beauty of the Garden of the Gods to hiking in Red Rock Canyon to laser shooting on the Colorado battlefield with friends with a laser gun.

For a good night's sleep, however, check out the 24-hour Rapidos tacos or the new options. Rocky Horror is in rotation mode, and one of Denver's cinematic gems shows the cult classic every Saturday. The weekly stand-up starts at around 10pm and starts way too late on Monday, so check it out before closing the Uber app.

Union StationB Side Music comes every Friday night and brings you a wide range of live music from Denver's best bands and artists.

From May to September, the City of Denver offers a package that includes free parking, free food and beverages, and free glow sticks for one day. Grand Junction is also home to Colorado Mesa University, which explains why it is one of Colorado's most popular destinations. Boulder is also the state's first and second-largest college student per capita - the most populous city, with 45 percent of its residents aged 18 to 34.

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More About Wheat Ridge