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The live music bar and restaurant for sale have been in existence for over 50 years and have only two owners. They currently make about $375,000 in sales a year and estimate they need about five days a year. The only thing they have left for them is karaoke two nights a week, but they are in the restaurant seven days a week. He and his wife Louie plan to open their new restaurant, where fresh meat is slaughtered to order.

It is not just the fresh food that keeps Westover coming back, but also the great friendships that have developed between the owners of both restaurants and their families. If Vincenza's owner Greg Allan does something extraordinary with his new restaurant, West over could become one of Colorado's most popular restaurants.

Starker has lived in Weizenridge for over 40 years and decided to buy and renovate a local building to bring work to his staff and create a restaurant for the community. There is a piece of history in the purchase of the land, the redevelopment and the transformation into a West 29th Street restaurant & bar.

Although the room is only a few years old, the plaster on the walls and the old-fashioned wooden floors give it an old-fashioned atmosphere. French doors that open to a second courtyard and a large open-air patio overlooking West 29th Street.

If you're on the town for a quiet night and don't fancy cooking, the West 29th Restaurant & Bar is definitely a place to visit. There is also a beautiful secluded courtyard that can accommodate about 30 or more guests, and the event will further enhance your experience of dining while being just 10 minutes from downtown. The restaurant is located at 5560 West 28th Avenue and opens every evening at 5 p.m. except Monday. Dinner is served and grilled every Monday.

Appropriately enough, David Grant, who runs the front of the house, will probably remember your name when you have turned up for dinner more than once. The kitchen is small, but it will accommodate a full-time staff of about 20-30 people and they have a bar for sale. In-house liquor is available through an automatic watering system and dispenser that provides watering water to the manager.

He is a local who attended the University of Colorado and was active in the community before becoming mayor. He has big plans for the store, including ordering pasta and sandwiches. The open kitchen looks like a dining room framed in salvaged old wood, while the new wing was built in craftsman style. For example, they are building a large open terrace overlooking the Colorado River and the Rocky Mountains.

The food is simple and tasty, but the meals themselves are also very homemade, the pasta and bread are prepared in the house, and the food itself is fresh and carefully prepared. The open kitchen gives guests the feeling of eating at home - cooked meals, while the fireplace encourages you to eat your meal in your own home. As you walk through the main entrance door and past the bar, a fireplace in the open kitchen shows you a table and a dining room with tables and a bar. You will be welcomed by two spacious intermediate courtyards with a large open terrace and a bar and bar area.

The food here is not only simple and simple, but built from scratch, with a love of detail and a great sense of style.

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After Front House manager David Grant launched an extensive wine program, Starkers plans to expand the West 29th's offerings to host events, corporate events and parties in the hope of attracting new guests. Grant looks forward to serving wine in the coming months - and combining dinners to inform guests about a variety of wines by engaging sommeliers and suppliers.

Allan Vincenza is not considering a new location or reopening, but while Johnson, Westover and Montoya have already guaranteed their business, redevelopment of the following areas is not a task at all. While guests are sad to see him go, they should be glad to hear that the building is still being used for the production of Italian delicacies.

If no property is involved, the cash-selling property should qualify for conventional financing from SBA when sold to the restaurant's preferred lender. The seller owns the intellectual property (such as the name, logo, website and other intellectual property rights of the restaurant). The new buyer's property is subject to a 30-day escrow period for the purchase price of $500,000. The sale of the restaurants is a business transaction and not a sale of intellectual property related to the website.

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